About Money Minds

You can inspire the next generation, using your volunteering time to deliver engaging and inspiring financial literacy sessions within the classroom. Please contact a local school to ascertain whether they would be interested in receiving a class-time session.

Once you have secured a school and a date for delivery, select a course.

Following a quick review/approval by the Corporate Responsibility team at YBS Group, you will access two short videos detailing your responsibilities within the classroom in terms of health, safety and safeguarding of young people. Please watch carefully as there are questions to answer afterwards. Once you have passed the training tests, you will access resources specific to the chosen course. You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the How to Guide and Activity Sheets and prepare for the delivery in the classroom. Preparation is really important, so do contact the class teacher beforehand and request any IT or equipment you’ll need before you arrive.

How it works


Book the session with the chosen school

Agree a date and time as well as age group.


Watch videos

Classroom ethics & safeguarding videos & Test questions


Download How To Guide

familiarise yourself with the how to guide, activity sheets and supporting powerpoint if applicable


Classroom Delivery

deliver the course within the classroom



capture the students experience, reflect on your own experience and give the teacher an evaluation form


Print certificate

Type evaluation onto the Money Minds website with comments, and download your community contribution certificate